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February 19, 2018

In Relationship ******

You're feeling a kind of osmosis with your beloved. Your misgivings about telling them your needs, desires, and expectations have dissipated. Your partner will take this as a sign of confidence, and will be overjoyed by the sense of closeness that was dearly missing from your relationship. Together you'll find happiness and love in the most serene of conditions.

Single ******

Getting close to someone who makes you happy is at last possible. This time, you'll let them express themselves, rather than interrupting them at every turn to talk about yourself. If you've just met a new sweetheart, you'll plan a weekend together. Listen attentively to their suggestions for this amorous escapade.

Wellness ******

Mars will give you energy and some joie de vivre. You'll change your daily habits in order to safeguard your newfound vitality.

Career ****

It's time that you familiarize yourself with a new technology or another manner of doing your work. This will present a real challenge. You'll invest all your energy in order to prove that you can adapt to new circumstances.