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May 20, 2019

In Relationship ****

Let me go and I'll be yours; hold me close and I'll be gone - that's how this day will go. The distance between you and your partner has given you the chance to realize that you love each other madly. Your recent problems have left a mark on your relationship, but you'll try to surprise them. You'll organize a little romantic outing.

Single ****

You're trying to escape from someone who's invasive. You realized, a bit late, that you're not exactly made for each other. You're ignoring their calls and texts. You don't have the courage to tell them, and you're hoping that everything will magically resolve itself. A close friend will push you to put an end to things. You're panicking.

Wellness ***

You're having a hard time focusing on your goals. Anxiety is getting the better of you. You need some support.

Career ***

You should impose your authority if you don't want to get walked all over. You're naturally easygoing and sociable, and your close coworkers tend to think that you're lax because of it. Your superiors can't picture the future with you, so you should change your ways.