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March 19, 2019

In Relationship ****

Neptune's dissonance will make you dream about a project that's a bit outlandish. This might amuse your partner; it makes you charming. Today will be a chance to go over what you've achieved together and how close it's brought you.

Single ****

You might find a match sooner than you expected. You're attracted to one of your friends or acquaintances. You'll grow closer and feel an intellectual chemistry and a sense of tenderness. You're enthusiastic and hopeful about this budding relationship.

Wellness ******

You'll want some time to yourself at the end of the day. You might meditate or go for a walk in nature.

Career ****

It'd be hard not to appreciate you at your job. You have a reassuring attitude, and if there's competition, you focus on dialogue. Still, don't go overboard trying to get people to like you, because you might make a coworker jealous.