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January 19, 2019

In Relationship ******

Always ready to show your partner, how much you love the latter. You'll keep up your reputation as the perfect lover, sensitive, attentive and passionate. This week gets off to a strong start! If you have children, you'll make sure someone babysits them so that you spend some time with your sweetheart...

Single ******

Buddy singleton, you'll do your best not to spend the weekend alone. To begin with this evening! Bold, charming, smooth talker, you'll know what to do and say to seduce. Not to mention your natural charm, intensified by Venus in your sign. Jupiter brings along luck. It's your move!

Wellness *****

You have a great dose of energy and you'll need to channel it so that you don't hurt yourself by being too restless.

Career ***

If you're working today, you'll need to make do with a certain routine, whether you like it or not. The boring mundane grind will at least give free rein to your spirit to wander, where you please!