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April 27, 2018

In Relationship ******

You will realize how important your partner is to you today, my Sagittarius friend. And that's probably the reason why you will not feel like changing anything in this domain! You will know how to make the most of every single second spent in the company. Under the quintessential influence of Uranus, you and your lover will be inseparable this Friday.

Single ******

Love is within touching distance! Your little heart will skip a beat this Friday, my Sagittarius friend. A beautiful stranger, probably a Scorpio by birth, will catch your eye and your friendly personality will almost instantly win them over! You will feel so happy and comfortable in his or her company... It's like you've known each other for years!

Wellness ******

You're in the mood to have fun, play sports, chat up strangers... Anything as long as it gets you out of the house! You feel so good today.

Career *****

You will know how to earn the trust and praise of your bosses today. Incredibly focused and hardworking, you will show great consistency and reliability in the workplace. Proud of the quality of your work, you could be considered for a pay rise or promotion...