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November 15, 2018

In Relationship ****

You and your partner will feel like moving your relationship forward today. You will be in the mood to go out, explore new horizons, take part in unusual activities and exchange the groundbreaking ideas you both have in mind. But please be aware that you may not always agree with each other... You will quickly forget about any disagreement cuddled up in each other's arms, don't worry!

Single ****

You will find it impressively easy to win over pretty much everyone you meet today! You love flirting around, but be very careful not to break the heart of someone who started developing strong feelings for you after a night spent in your company... Tell people as clearly as you possibly can that you're not looking for anything serious in this domain right now. Don't let anybody accuse you of leading them on...

Wellness *****

You know what they say, health starts in the mind! Look after your mental wellbeing today. Keep a close eye on your stress levels...

Career *****

You could consider looking for a new job, going freelance or launching your own company today. You're looking for a lot more freedom and independence on the professional front. Becoming your own boss isn't as complicated as it looks! Simply make sure you ask the right people for advice first.