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May 27, 2020

In Relationship ***

You spend too long analyzing your partner's feelings and not long enough paying attention to all the little things he or she does for you on a daily basis. You always make the situation sound so much worse than it actually is! Your relationship has seen better days, but you're not exactly unhappy together. Why don't you look on the bright side, for once?

Single ***

Don't beat yourself up, my Sagittarius friend... Nobody said finding love was supposed to be easy! Why don't you create an account on a dating app or website? Simply be careful not to waste your time chatting to people who clearly have nothing in common with you. Be patient... Good things come to those who wait!

Wellness *****

You're full of energy! You literally don't remember what being tired feels like. Try not to push your body too far...

Career ******

Your colleagues are very supportive. You shouldn't struggle to find all the help needed in order to bring an ambitious project to completion. Nothing great has ever been achieved alone, my Sagittarius friend!