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August 20, 2019

In Relationship ****

You and your partner will take a trip down memory lane today. You will look at photo albums of your first vacation together, of your wedding, honeymoon, of your children growing up, of past Christmases with loved ones... You miss the days when you two could just be happy without worrying about your everyday responsibilities!

Single ****

You cannot stop thinking about the one that got away... You still dream about this ex-lover of yours almost every night, my Scorpio friend! But trying to get back in touch with that person wouldn't the best idea you've ever had... Far from it! Focus on finding someone who's actually interested in being with you! It shouldn't be too hard...

Wellness ******

It's easy to see how healthy you are. You eat well and exercise regularly. It's really not rocket science, my Scorpio friend!

Career *****

The arrival of Mars in Virgo speeds your projects up. Putting your ideas into practice is your priority in the workplace today. You will feel on top of your game, but you will categorically refuse to take on a bigger workload than you're able to cope with.