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April 27, 2018

In Relationship ***

You'll get along fairly well with your partner, and together you'll succeed in making some decisions about your future projects or vacation plans. That's already something, considering you don't have the same opinion about where you spend your holiday. But you're united on at least one front: neither of you wants to drag things out with your family.

Single ***

Venus will bring you flowers and facilitate encounters. You'll go out more often and you'll do what's necessary to meet people. You're not trying to force the hand of the Fates (wisely). You're physically attracted to this person, but you might get bored of them easily, since their conversational skills aren't exactly something to write home about.

Wellness ******

Your energy will follow the rhythm that you impose on it. Even if you have to dig into your reserves, you'll recover easily.

Career ***

There shouldn't be any problems at work, so long as you're a team player and don't meddle in the affairs of others. Doing so won't be so easy, because you'd love to get revenge on one of your colleagues.