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May 20, 2019

In Relationship *****

Venus in sextil with Mars makes you considerate in your relationship. You wish to support your partner, due to which you'll have the habit of doing things in the latter's place at times. You might mean well but your partner may not perceive this the same way, having your around all the time. Give the latter some free rein and trust your partner to do things properly as well.

Single *****

Don't force destiny with someone you like. You'll want to shake up events and speed things up. Favor Mercury's wisdom who is encouraging you to let go. Show you're interested, thoughtful but the rest, let this person decide, if the latter wants to respond to your advances.

Wellness ******

In great shape and a tower of strength, these are elements which will make your day productive and dynamic.

Career ******

You'll have a precise vision of what you need to do to make you career move forward and nothing will take you away from your goals. Eyes focused on the finishing line, you'll use all your energy so that you achieve your goal, as soon as possible.