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March 19, 2019

In Relationship ****

You cannot stop noticing your partner's little imperfections today! You other half gets on your nerves at the minute. Not great news for your relationship... You're far too sensitive for your own good this Tuesday. Open up your heart and express your feelings if you can. Show your significant other that you actually still care about them!

Single ****

You would rather have fun with your friends than go out looking for your Mr. or Mrs. Right this Tuesday. You dream of falling in love, but you're not confident enough to let your guard down and give strangers a chance to impress you at the minute. You could unexpectedly bump into an ex of yours in the evening. How... Surprising!

Wellness ******

You try your best to stay in shape and stick to a healthy lifestyle. Your willpower is pretty impressive!

Career ***

Try not to rely on your colleagues, they're under a lot of pressure too you know! Being asked to work to incredibly tight deadlines will make you very nervous today. Your stress levels are all over the place! Frustrated, you feel like you are not being treated fairly in the workplace.