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September 25, 2018

In Relationship *****

You must find ways to calm things down between you and your partner today. You've both been so tense lately! The dissonance of Mars will trigger heated exchanges between you two this Tuesday. You cannot agree on how to run your finances... Your other half is likely to accuse you of spending far too much money! Those lies could seriously upset you... An eventful evening is in the cards!

Single *****

You meet people, but nobody seems to like you back these days. The planets introduce you to strangers who are completely different from the type of person you're used to hanging out with. Socializing with those new faces will help you spice up what was becoming a boring sentimental life! Don't be afraid to break the ice with people you don't know today.

Wellness *****

You're advised to relax today. Put your feet up in the evening. It's about time your recharged your batteries, my Scorpio friend!

Career *****

You're desperate for a career change and you could start looking for a new job today. You know influential people who could recommend you to someone they collaborate with. Be patient, your hard work should pay off soon... But don't expect anything exciting to happen today!